January 13

In our first period of Math we discussed the music industry, stock exchange and spectrum’s.

We then went to Phys. Ed where we practiced shooting basketballs, and then played games such as Bump and 21 in groups.

When we came back to Math the grade 8’s started page 100, questions 3, 4, 6 and 7, while grade 7’s took up the questions they did yesterday. For homework, Grade 7’s are to finish page 84 questions 8 to 13, while grade 8’s are to finish the questions they worked on during class. Also as discussed in class, for question 6, you do not have to use the website printed in the book, and for question 7, you must find a minimum of 10 years and it can be from the past.

In the two periods of Literacy the remaining groups presented their lists of literary devices. All groups must compile their lists of words onto a document.

In French we worked on our French project which will be due at around the end of the month.


Remember that both grades must finish the Math homework assigned today.

For grade 7’s, the school is still accepting Camp Onondaga forms.

Compile the list of literary devices onto one document.


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