January 14

Today in Science we continued working on our organ system projects.

In Phys. Ed, we were separated into male and female groups. We then played a game of basketball in these groups.

During Music, we finished our hearing test and took it up.

In Literacy we did a online quiz together about literary devices. We then headed toward the computer lab where we separately typed up definitions for the words on the compiled list of literary devices. For homework, finish a complete list of the literary devices for tomorrow, and identify a literary device in the poem Mr. Schaefer posted earlier.

During Math, the grade 8’s took up the work we did the previous day and started page 103 question 1, while grade 7’s continued to take up their work. For homework, grade 8’s are to finish the Math assigned today (Page 103 #1).


Grade 8’s must finish the assigned Math homework.

Both grades are to have a full list with definitions of the literary devices printed out for tomorrow.

Both the Library project and Health poster are due on Friday.

Camp Onondaga forms are still being accepted, and if you are in grade 8 and not going on the Ottawa trip, you may also sign up.


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