January 19

Literacy– Firstly, we silently read while the Governor checked our notes for the poem ‘One Great City’ by John K. Samson. Remember to increase the quality of your notes, as they could help you for the upcoming test! After this, we reread the poem ‘It’s Different’ by Robert B. Foster and looked for literary devices, then compared it to ‘One Great City’ using scientific analogies and other comparisons.

Science– We continued to work on our science projects on organ systems. Remember that they will be due around the end of the month!

Music– We played from song number 56 to 64. Let’s try to catch up to Class 84! Also, our music teacher reminded us that we will have a test in the near future, so be prepared!

Math– Grade 7’s took up #5 on page 100, and then did #10 and #11 on page 101. These two questions are homework!
Grade 8’s did #4 and #5 on page 115. These two questions are homework!

French– Our French teacher reviewed the rubrics of our French projects. Remember to try and get a level 4 or above (going beyond a simple poster and presentation), as this project has a large impact on our report card! After this, we continued to work on our French projects.

Literacy– If you do not already have a hard copy of the 50-word glossary (48 original + enjambment and intertextuality), please have it by tomorrow!
Math– Grade 7’s, #10 and #11 of page 101 are due tomorrow.
Grade 8’s, #4 and #5 of page 115 are due tomorrow.


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