January 20

Math– We were assigned a new project on trivia about Canada. This project is due Wednesday, January 28th but there will be extra credit if you hand it in earlier.

Phys-Ed– We played another game of basketball.

Math– When we came back, we discussed the rubric for our new math project and worked a bit on it. We were then given a small assignment- to create a question about a melting candle and solve it using a graph.

Literacy–  First, we did some silent reading and then we switched to discussing the poem Hospital Vespers.

French– We quickly reviewed the rubric for our French projects, and then moved onto working on our projects. Remember that the due date for this is around the end of the month!

Literacy- If you do not already have a hard copy of the 50-word glossary (48 original + enjambment and intertextuality), please have it by tomorrow!
Art- test on Thursday. Remember to finish your notes and study!
Tomorrow is day 4. Remember to bring your science materials and gym clothes!                                     


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