January 21st

Science– we completed worksheets about Connective, Epithelial, Nerve and Muscle tissue, with the mnemonic Cats Eat Nervous Mice. After that, we worked on our projects. The due date is Tuesday, February 3rd, so plan accordingly!

Phys. Ed– we had a free day on one half of the gym, and a basketball game on the other.

Homeroom– we had a homeroom period to clean out our lockers and desks. People who had already done so also cleaned out their binders, updated their agendas, and/or worked on their math.

Literacy– we answered questions in groups of four about the poem/song The Circle Game by Joni Mitchell. After this, we went to the computer lab and made documents that identified the literary devices in this poem.

Math– we continued our math projects, which are due Wednesday, January 28th. Some students have posted their surveys online, so please make sure to take them!

Reminders/Other– There is art class tomorrow, and there will be a test! Please make sure your notes are finished and that you have studied them well.
Science project is due Tuesday, February 3rd.
Some library projects will be presented on Monday, so do not leave it to the last minute!
There is the possibility of a test on literary devices tomorrow.


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