Weekly Overview

Monday, January 19

  • found literary devices and compared ‘One Great City’ and ‘It’s Different Now’
  • worked on science projects
  • played songs 56 to 64
  • sevens: #5 on page 100 and #10 and #11 on page 101
  • eights: #4 and #5 on page 115
  • worked on French projects

Tuesday, January 20

  • assigned and worked on math project
  • played basketball
  • discussed poem ‘Hospital Vespers’
  • worked on French projects

Wednesday, January 21

  • science worksheets and projects
  • free day/basketball
  • homeroom/organization period
  • answering ‘The Circle Game’ questions and identifying literary devices
  • continued working on data management projects

Thursday, January 22

  • continued working on French projects (due in early February)
  • wrote art history tests
  • continued ‘geometric shapes’ art
  • computer lab- finished ‘The Circle Game’ or continued math projects
  • continued working on math projects

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