February 26

Literacy/Math: Today’s first and second period were Literacy. Today though many of us were working on math because we had finished the homograph work assigned.

Science: Today’s third period was Science. In Science class we started our grade 7 unit on pure compounds and substance properties. We also received our tests back.

Music: After lunch we had Music. Today we played up to La Bamba.

Math/Literacy: Today’s fifth period was Math. In Math we finished our math which is due tomorrow. We also started Chapter 5 of both the red and green textbooks.

French: Today’s last period was French. In french class we took up our reading comprehension questions. Afterwards we worked on our french skits and our animal questions and answers.


-If you haven’t brought your report cards, bring them ASAP

-The math and literacy are due tomorrow.



February 25

Health: Today’s first period was Health. In health class the grade 8’s continued learning about STIs and the grade 7’s did an anatomy review.

Math: Next period we had Math (we actually had literacy but we switched it). In math class we worked on our self paced math work. If you need to see the questions you can view them in a previous post.

Literacy: Our next class was Literacy class we worked on our unit in poetry and iambic pentameter. We presented our pieces from Hamlet and explained the meaning of each excerpt. In our next Literacy class we worked on some work sheets on homographs.

French: In French class we did some animal vocabulary review as well as a reading of a short script about going to a zoo. Afterwards we worked on our 10 questions on our chosen animal.

Library: Our last period was Library. Today we finally finished all our Library presentations.


-If you haven’t brought your report card envelopes bring them ASAP

February 24

French: In first period we had French. Today we worked on are animal vocabulary and our reading comprehension. Bring your research materials for your animal research questions.

Art: In second and third period we had Art. Today we worked on our previous paintings. We also started a new project where we create our thumb prints from magazine strips. They seem to be turning out very well.

Math: In fourth period we had Math. Today we started out with some silent reading while we waited for everyone to get settled then we continued on our math from yesterday. If  you need to view the math questions please view the previous post.

Literacy: In fifth period we had Literacy. In the first part f the period the girls left and went to an assembly on FAB (fit, active, beautiful) foundation. Then we finished up our previous Literacy assignments from the past few days. If you are not finished this is homework. Then we had ten minutes for a locker clean-out.

In sixth period we worked on a new poetry unit where we studied iambic pentameter. We learnt about masculine and feminine endings. We also examined a part of Hamlet and we were asked to find the stressed and unstressed syllables. Tomorrow we will continue by presenting the pieces.


-If you haven’t brought your Growth and Development forms back you should do so tomorrow

-If you haven’t brought your report cards yet you should do so ASAP

-Bring your French research supplies

February 23

Science: Today’s first period was Science class. Today we took a test on organ systems.

Gym: Next period was Gym class. Today we played handball.

Music: In third period we had Music. We played up to Indigo Rock, we’re finally in first place!

Literacy: In periods 4 and 5 we had Literacy class. First we silent read (or worked on something quiet and productive. Then we continued working from the green and red texts. The grade 7’s worked on the green book, continuing on their short stories. The grade 8’s worked on the red books, continuing their work on describing the five senses.

Math: Finally in Math class we worked independently on pg. 356-7, pg. 360-361 and, pg. 363-368. Remember to pace yourself so that you have work for all week.


-Tomorrow is Day 5 so bring the necessary items for the day.

-If any of the grade 7’s haven’t made it to the draft stage of their short stories please do for tomorrow

-Bring your research devices for French

February 20

Mr. Penney was our substitute teacher for Literacy and Math today.

First and third period, in Math, we worked on questions 3 – on pg.      in the Grade 8 math textbook on the Pythagorean Theorum.

In Gym, for the first 20 minutes we had free time, and at the end of class we played dodgeball.

After lunch in Literacy, we did some Jeopardy with Mr. Penney and continued our Literacy assignments.

In French, we went over the different animal names and read a story about some. After that we continued thinking of questions for our animal projects.


  • Graduation sweater forms will be accepted until Monday
  • There will be a Science test on Monday

February 18

Today we had Mr. K as a substitute teacher for Literacy and Math.

In Health, we handed in our growth and developement papers and went over the ground rules for growth and development classes. After going over the rules, we formed groups and thought of 4 – 6 (not 426) exercises that we could do in the classroom.

In Literacy, we went over the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost. We wrote in the organizers on the back of the poem page and took notes on what we thought the poem meant.

After lunch, in Math, Mr. K gave out re-tests for those who wanted to try again for their mark. He gave those of us who did not want the re-test an algebra angles booklet.

In French, we wrote down a list of words from a story in one of the French books and translated them. Then we answered a series of questions related to the story.

In library, we continued with four more Social Justice presentations.


  • Those whose parents do not want them to participate in the growth and development classes and did NOT bring in the permission slip, they will have to contact Mr. Matsell directly.
  • Graduation sweater orders will be taken until the end of this week.
  • Pop and chips will be sold outside of the kitchen for the rest of the week.