February 4

Math – The Grade 8s worked on some questions out of the Nelson math textbook. The full assignment can be found here, which is due for tomorrow. The Grade 7s continued working on the homework assignment from yesterday, which is also due for tomorrow.

Gym – We had a free period where we could choose what kind of physical activity we would like to partake in.

Literacy – We held a lengthy discussion on two newspaper topics. One was on the possible movement or removal of the giant painted methane tank off the Queen Elizabeth Way, while the other was a comment on the measures Stephen Harper has been taking to eliminate radicalism and lone-wolf terrorism from Canada.

French – We continued working on our Pays Francophone project. Remember, this is due next Monday, with no exceptions. If a project is under standards or is late, a green slip will be sent home.


Math – Grade 8s have the homework assignment which can be viewed here. This is due tomorrow. Grade 7s have questions 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 on page 117, as well as an investigation on page 118. This is due tomorrow.

French – The Pays Francophone project is due on Monday, February 9. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.


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