Grade 8 Assignment – Geometry Anchor Charts

You will create a small anchor chart for one of the terms related to the current math unit.  Select from the list of terms below.  Claim you term by posting a reply indicating the number and term that you’re working on.  Do not duplicate anyone else’s term.

Success Criteria:

  • neatly drawn diagram (use appropriate tools such as rulers, markers, etc.)
  • tidy printing (cut and paste large font text if you can’t print neatly)
  • illustration is error free
  • definition is correct, and has no errors in spelling or grammar
  • large enough to be read from across the room
  • prepared on about 1/3 to 1/2 of a sheet of chart paper

Due Thursday February 5th Friday February 6th at the beginning of math class.


1. equidistant

2. perpendicular bisector

3. opposite angles

4. adjacent angles

5. straight angle

6. supplementary angles

7. transversal

8. corresponding angles

9. co-interior angles

10. parallel lines

11. complementary angles


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