Grade 8 Option Sheets

Completed option sheets are due back on February 23rd.  Don’t leave this to the last minute!


  1. Select your options by consulting with your parents.
  2. Fill out your form according to discussions involving your parents.
  3. Ask one parent to sign the form and review it to ensure that it’s complete and correct.
  4. Bring the form to me for review.  I’ll make sure it’s complete.
  5. Take the form to Ms. Hardy.  She’s usually in her office at the end of the small hallway next to the staff room.  If she’s not there, leave it in the envelope on her desk marked “Completed Option Sheets.”

7 thoughts on “Grade 8 Option Sheets

  1. If I recall correctly, the option sheets were handed out by Ms. Zakarowitz the week before last. I’ll get an option sheet for anyone who needs one. You’ll have it by tomorrow.

    Aside from anniek8c and littletardigirl, does anyone else who needs one can respond to this post by just indicating the name of the school.


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