February 17

Today was the first day back after a 4-day long weekend.

In French, we finished up the presentations. Those who did not go will go tomorrow.

In Art, it was our last period to finish our geometrical 3-and-4-sided shape paintings.

After lunch, in the computer lab, we went on a website called Career Cruising, and used the online quizzes to help us find what career choice we should choose, based on our likes and dislikes.

In drama, we formed groups of two, and performed a scene where a major disaster had happened and an interviewer asked a local citizen what their recount of the event was.

At the end of the day in math, we took up the geometry test given to both the Grade 7 and 8 students. If the Grade 7’s recieved a dissatisfying mark, their mark will not count towards their report card.


  • If you have not submitted your graduation sweater order forms, they are due by the end of the week.
  • Those of you who couldn’t present in French class today, bring the materials needed to present next class.

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