February 18

Today we had Mr. K as a substitute teacher for Literacy and Math.

In Health, we handed in our growth and developement papers and went over the ground rules for growth and development classes. After going over the rules, we formed groups and thought of 4 – 6 (not 426) exercises that we could do in the classroom.

In Literacy, we went over the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost. We wrote in the organizers on the back of the poem page and took notes on what we thought the poem meant.

After lunch, in Math, Mr. K gave out re-tests for those who wanted to try again for their mark. He gave those of us who did not want the re-test an algebra angles booklet.

In French, we wrote down a list of words from a story in one of the French books and translated them. Then we answered a series of questions related to the story.

In library, we continued with four more Social Justice presentations.


  • Those whose parents do not want them to participate in the growth and development classes and did NOT bring in the permission slip, they will have to contact Mr. Matsell directly.
  • Graduation sweater orders will be taken until the end of this week.
  • Pop and chips will be sold outside of the kitchen for the rest of the week.

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