February 23

Science: Today’s first period was Science class. Today we took a test on organ systems.

Gym: Next period was Gym class. Today we played handball.

Music: In third period we had Music. We played up to Indigo Rock, we’re finally in first place!

Literacy: In periods 4 and 5 we had Literacy class. First we silent read (or worked on something quiet and productive. Then we continued working from the green and red texts. The grade 7’s worked on the green book, continuing on their short stories. The grade 8’s worked on the red books, continuing their work on describing the five senses.

Math: Finally in Math class we worked independently on pg. 356-7, pg. 360-361 and, pg. 363-368. Remember to pace yourself so that you have work for all week.


-Tomorrow is Day 5 so bring the necessary items for the day.

-If any of the grade 7’s haven’t made it to the draft stage of their short stories please do for tomorrow

-Bring your research devices for French


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