February 24

French: In first period we had French. Today we worked on are animal vocabulary and our reading comprehension. Bring your research materials for your animal research questions.

Art: In second and third period we had Art. Today we worked on our previous paintings. We also started a new project where we create our thumb prints from magazine strips. They seem to be turning out very well.

Math: In fourth period we had Math. Today we started out with some silent reading while we waited for everyone to get settled then we continued on our math from yesterday. If  you need to view the math questions please view the previous post.

Literacy: In fifth period we had Literacy. In the first part f the period the girls left and went to an assembly on FAB (fit, active, beautiful) foundation. Then we finished up our previous Literacy assignments from the past few days. If you are not finished this is homework. Then we had ten minutes for a locker clean-out.

In sixth period we worked on a new poetry unit where we studied iambic pentameter. We learnt about masculine and feminine endings. We also examined a part of Hamlet and we were asked to find the stressed and unstressed syllables. Tomorrow we will continue by presenting the pieces.


-If you haven’t brought your Growth and Development forms back you should do so tomorrow

-If you haven’t brought your report cards yet you should do so ASAP

-Bring your French research supplies


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