March 2

In Science, we described matter by listing its properties, and checked our Mixed or Pure? charts.

In Phys. Ed., we played games of pickleball with partners.

During Music, we played from song #76-83, and had a test. Those who did not perform today will be marked next time.

In our double Literacy period, we made a note on Iambic Pentameter, and created a 3-line end-rhyming Iambic Pentameter poem in the Lab. This is for homework, and is due tomorrow, if you haven’t already printed it out.

In Math, we discussed the question on page 366 in the grade 8 textbook- Chapter Task: Transmission Towers, and this will be due tomorrow for homework.


The Transmission Towers task will be due tomorrow.

Your Iambic Pentameter poem will be due tomorrow.

Please return any order forms, report cards, and/or option sheets.


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