March 4

In Health, both grades continued their Growth and Development booklets, and took up last week’s work.

In our Literacy periods, we all presented our Iambic Pentameter poems and discussed ways to make them better. For homework, a Shakespearean sonnet with the rhyme scheme of A, B, B, A, C, D, C, D, E, F, E, F, G, G is due tomorrow.

In Math, we had a test on Pythagorean Theorem, and had our Transmission Towers explanations checked. Our geometry tests were also handed back.

In French, we were marked on Au Zoo with partners, went over the rubric for the inquiry-based animal project, then worked on our presentations. Please remember to cover all the expectations, especially Passe Compose.

In last period Library, the new Art History Board Game project was introduced. This will probably be due later than mid-April.

Reminders/ Other:

Your sonnet will be due tomorrow.

Please have all your math and presentations ready for tomorrow if it wasn’t finished today.


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