March 9

In Science, we observed the properties of three everyday liquids: Cream, Orange Juice, and Club Soda. We filled in a table of observations, and will continue as a class on Day 2.

In Gym, we played cooperative and target games. One was to beat your partner in a race. The other was to go in groups of five and protect your target and to hit the other groups.

In Music, we watched some stomp videos to prepare for our own. We then put ourselves into two groups of seven and one group of six.

After lunch in Literacy, we took up what work we did for the Ken Robinson Opinion questions. We discussed what his thesis was and what he wanted to say. We then went to the computer lab and wrote up our answers on Google Drive. There is no certain due date but it is recommended you work on it.

In Math, we presented some of our Transmission Tower projects.


-Please hand in your Let’s Talk Science permission forms. They are due Friday.

-For anyone who hasn’t presented their Math presentation, it is due tomorrow.


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