April 7

In Math, we started a project to build a model to show adding or subtracting fractions. These projects will need to use circles proportionally, demonstrating common denominators and the original fractions with unlike denominators. If this is not done, it is due tomorrow. In the third period, we continued this work while handing in our textbook work. This was Page 310 #4-18 for the Grade 7’s and Page 288 #4-21 for the Grade 8’s.

In Gym, we did more yoga by doing the exercises on the cards. We then taught and learned the poses from our peers . We learned to ask inquiry-based questions when being taught each movement. This helped us learn how to properly breath or do each pose to its fullest.

In Geography, we checked on our progress for the drop-box for both Grades. The Grade 7’s now have a drop-box for Geography so please get it done. We then read from the Grade 7 textbook making notes about Landforms.

In French, we worked on our  Zoo Commercial project.


– French Commercial presentations are due on Thursday

-We will continue our Science labs tomorrow

-There is a Geography drop-box for the Grade 7’s

-The Math fraction project is due tomorrow


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