April 8

In Science, we redid the plan for our Separation Labs. This time, we accounted for things we did differently when doing the lab and detailed pictures with labels. We will have the next period to finish these and our title pages.

In Gym, we continued to do more yoga. We combined five exercise cards to make a routine to present to the class. For example, you can hold the tree pose then slowly move into the eagle pose.

In Music, we did songs #90-91. We then practised Boogie Blues for a test. If you haven’t done your test, remember to practice.

In Math, we had some time to finish our fraction models and to hand in any textbook work not done from yesterday. The Grade 8’s were given more textbook work: Page 302 #4-21. The Grade 7’s were given Page 314 #2-18. You don’t need to make models but they will be accounted for. There will be one period to do this work tomorrow. If you haven’t finished it, it’s due Friday.

In Geography, we went to the computer lab to do an activity called Where in Ontario Am I? We would choose a city in Ontario and calculate the distance from other cities. This included distance by air and distance by car. After, we went back to the classroom and assigned work. The Grade 8’s were given work to read and to respond. They should read Land Use, Urban Land Use and Factors Affecting Urbanization. We should respond to Page 22 # 1, 2(500 words) and Page 26 #1,2(Paragraph each). The Grade 7’s should look on the Hub for work to do. They are recommended to catch up to the latest assignment.


-There is a band practice tomorrow

-French Zoo Commercial presentations are due tomorrow

-Work on your Science title pages and New Lab plans for Monday

-Grade 8 textbook work Page 302 #4-21 is due Friday

-Grade 7 textbook work Page 314 #2-18 is due tomorrow


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