Technology in the classroom

Our class is leading the way with technology in our school, so we’ve enjoyed the advantages it provides for us. I’ve also invited students to bring their personal technology into the classroom, at their own risk of course (which means you are personally responsible it if you choose to bring it).

The use of technology in schools is a relatively new thing, so schools and school boards are still figuring out how to best manage it. At a staff meeting today, we discussed the proliferation of students’ personal devices at Westview. It has become a problem in some classes, so in the spirit of equity, I was asked to clarify with class 87 the school’s policy around the use of technology.  So what follows is for you to take under advisement.

If you choose to bring your technology to school, you’re responsible for the safe-keeping of that device. You are permitted to use it in our classroom for the specific uses that I assign, and during instructional times with me. The same standards of use for using school-owned technology apply when you’re using your own device. This means, among other things, that you should not be  on sites that are not board approved, you should not be taking images of other students, and you are not permitted to play games on any device, whether it is an online game or one that is loaded onto the device.

Here is an important note for class 87: you cannot use technology of any sort in the school during lunch or indoor recess times. There has been a great deal of leniency on this school rule for class 87, but this is the policy of the school, so this is the expectation that I’ve been asked to communicate to you.

By the way, you are also restricted from using technology on school property before and after school, and at recess. In other words, don’t take your device onto the playground at recess, and don’t use it on school property before and after school.

Other teachers in the building (including supply teachers) will have their own practices regarding technology during instructional time, and they’ll let you know their what those are.

It’s probably most clear if I describe it this way: you are not allowed to use technology anywhere on the school property at any time, except when a teacher is permitting you to use it during a lesson. Otherwise, it needs to be locked in your locker and turned off.

Mr. Tye has struck a committee of teachers to investigate whether the school rules, as I’ve outlined them, should be changed.



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