April 9

In French, we presented all of our Zoo Commercials. Then we wrote down vocabulary words that relate to animals.

In Art, we started a new project where we used chunks to make landscapes like the Group of Seven. We made two for practise and then started a draft. We then put construction paper on each area. This will be marked.

In Math, we continued and finished our fraction models and did the text work from yesterday. All of the text work is due Friday, so get busy!

In Geography, the Grade 8’s worked on answering the questions on Land Use and Factors of Urbanization (See more information in April 8). This work should be handed in tomorrow so get finished. The Grade 7’s worked on a drop-box item that should be finished for today. It is on the Hub titled River Systems.

In Drama, we played a game called Skunk, where we rolled two dice to receive a number. Then you can choose to sit down or continue to go. Once a 1 is rolled, you lose your previous point. The person with the most points wins the game.


-Pizza will be for sale with a price of $2 per slice

-Geography work for Grade 8’s are due tomorrow

-The Grade 7’s should do their drop-box work on the Hub

-Finish all textbook work for tomorrow


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