April 10

In Health, both grades continued on their Growth and Development booklets.

In Literacy, we had a discussion concerning the use of technology in the gifted class and around the school, as well as some issues regarding inappropriate behaviour when The Governor was gone.

In Math, we worked on our questions from yesterday, Page 302 #4-21 for the Grade 8’s and Page 314 #4-18 for Grade 7’s. After we completed this, we either worked on other homework or did a silent activity.

In French, we watched one more Zoo Commercial and listened to Au Service Du Medicine. Then, we answered questions true or false.

In Library, we discussed the rubric for our board game project and worked on using these elements into our own work.


-Science new plan and title page are due at the end of next class

-If you haven’t finished your geography work, get it done this weekend

-We will continue to have our tests on Boogie Blues for Music next class

-For anyone who signed up for orienteering, there is a meet up at school on Monday


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