April 14

Today, we had a trip to the site where the GO Station is being developed.

When we got there, we had a quick break and then split into two groups (8s and 7s) to examine and think of ideas of how we could make the area enjoyable and sustainable. After sketching and brainstorming, we shared our ideas.

For our model, you can sign up for a particular idea, and they are listed below:

  • Band stand
  • Parking garage
  • Solar panel greenhouse on top of GO Station rooftop
  • Sheltered biking beside train tracks
  • Turn parking lot into green area
  • Drone center
  • Green car rental facility
  • Art center/art school
  • Museum of the process of mailing/railways + park on top of the building with train ride for children
  • Apartment buildings
  • Ramp connecting parking lot with commercial shopping space (2-4 stories)
  • Star observatory with reflecting telescope
  • Welcome center
  • Year-round indoor fair
  • Hotels
  • Underground parking with open air farmers market on top
  • Recreation park/center with pools, gyms, visitor area
  • Library
  • Modern lamp posts, public art
  • Extension of park to create art garden/show in parking lot
  • Past food/Nations place (supermarket)
  • Pathway with food shops, benches, tables, and chairs
  • Revolving benches
  • All you can eat buffet
  • Theater renovation with banquet hall
  • Supermarket in hotel
  • Bike/scooter rental in corner of park + bike lanes
  • Public bathrooms
  • Food trucks/vendors (mobile) in parking area during events
  • Culinary school
  • Church
  • Cafe/restaurant with outdoor dining areas and green area
  • Large circular public worship with multi-faith sections
  • Rooftop garden on library
  • Reading garden combines with art garden
  • Street/public art, displayed on streets, murals
  • Mustard seed + waterfalls
  • Steel
  • Library/bookstore
  • Culture Performance Center
  • Hamilton Gas Globe
  • Walk-in clinic

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