April 20

Literacy– In literacy today we talked about the abiding questions from the sustainable city project from last week. These questions are 1. How is this activity, and architecture in general, relevant to you and your life? and 2. How is this activity, architecture in general, relevant to the subjects we’re being taught (e.g. geography, math, art)? We discussed the history of the old train station, and the geography of the surrounding area, such as its site and situation, and reasons for the five story building limit.

Science– In science today we finished our reports on the seperation labs that we’ve been working on for the past few weeks, and we finished our title pages for the seperation unit. If the title pages are not done, they are due next science class, on Thursday. They must include 10 colored illistrations, labled with what they are and if they are hetrogeneous, homogeneous or a pure element.

Music– In music today we finished the tests and re-tests for song number 91, and then we worked on songs number 92 and 94.

Math– In math today we did the A and C sections of the 2002 Gauss math contest as practice for the years contest. We will be taking it up next math class.

French– In french class we completed a question sheet on the Komodo Dragon, The Masked Hunter and the Aye-aye that we started last class. We also got a new vocabulary sheet. Photos were taken of our project model, and they will be featured in the Hamilton Spectator.


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