April 21

Math- In math class we finished the 2002 Gauss Math Contest. We also took up some of the answers to the questions on both the grade 7 and the grade 8 test.

Gym- In gym class today we started to work on our yoga routines. These will be completed next gym class.

Literacy- In literacy class we discussed the success criteria for or presentations of the abiding questions from the sustainable city project. These questions are 1. How  is this activity, and architecture in general related to you and your life and 2. How is this project, and architecture in general related to the subjects we learn in school. The presentation is due on Friday.

French- In french class we went over the vocabulary sheet we got yesterday. Then we wrote down some more vocabulary words and their translations from page 67 in our text books. Then we listened to a part of the textbook on tape.

Reminder- The science title page is due tomorrow. It must have ten illistrations labled with what they are and if they’re hetrogeneous, homogeneous, or an element. They should be colored.


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