April 23

French- In french class today we got our animal question sheets back. Then we reviewed the past tense of french verbs. Then we started a project were we write 3 sentaces using the past tense of verbs. 1 etre verb, 1 avoir verd, and 1 irregular verb. We will get more time next class to work on this.

Art- In art class today we worked on our Landscape Printing/Painting Blocks of Colour (construction paper) projects.

Math- In math class today we listen to a bunch of sound at different frequencys and talked about them. Then we took up the 2003 gauss test from yesterday.

Literacy- In literacy class today we some of the abiding questions presentations that were finished early. Then we talk about how the current marking system in middle school works. Then we got some time to work on our presentations.

Dance- In dance class today we went down to the science room and did some practice quizzing for ASC.

Reminders- Gum and iPod day is tomorrow. $1 dollar each.

The presentation of your answers to the abiding questions are due tomorrow.

The dance is next Friday. It costs $2. Due by next Friday


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