May 4

Post was written by: Nairb

In Literacy, we had students from class 76 over to quiz All Science Challenge with The Governor. Congratulations to Team SMS for placing first!

In Science, we did an assessment on our Money Investigation activity.

In Music, we welcomed back Mrs. Downer on her first day back teaching. We played songs #99 – #105. We then split into our individual instrument sections and did the private lessons in song #106.

In Math, we had 40 minutes to work on the the 2005 Gauss Test. The mark we get will be recorded by The Governor.

In French, we had a quiz on our art vocabulary. Those who scored perfect on the previous quiz were exempt. Then we got time to work on our inquiry based projects about an artist of our choice.


– study All Science Challenge

– those in band must return their forms for the competition on May 8th

– Camp Onondaga forms

– trip forms for the play on May 29th

– fitness trip forms for Thursday, if attending


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