Social Justice and Environmental Initiatives Event (May 6th)

Today, 6 students attended the Social Justice and Environmental Initiatives Event.

We went to Carmen’s Banquet Centre to represent our classes with our Sustainable Architecture Model and display. Many other schools had set up their displays that followed a theme of “Creating Change”, such as charity campaigns, fixing global issues, environmental issues, and local issues.

First, the keynote speaker, Molly Burke, spoke about her story. She was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa at a very young age, which lead to her losing her sight. However, her vision wasn’t the only thing that she lost; Molly lost her hope, happiness, and friends. She was bullied, she lost her dignity, and felt despairing and useless. Then, after a scientist who had discovered Molly’s interest in fashion allowed her to trace her necklace in eighth grade, Molly realized what she had lost: H-O-P-E, the letters on the scientist’s jewelry.

Slowly, Molly started finding hope in helping and sharing her story with others. Finally, she became a motivational speaker to share the messages, “Find your hope, never underestimate the power you have.” and “Little actions can make big differences; Live, Learn, Pass it On.”, which fit with the event’s theme of “Creating Change”.

After this speech, half of the students stayed at their displays to share their ideas and answer questions while the other half explored the displays and interacted to learn about other issues that were being addressed by other schools. Each of us visited and interacted with at least 6 displays and took part in collaborative activities such as colouring tiles or making paper cranes.

This event allowed us to share our ideas about our model and sustainable architecture, and learn about what other students in the area think about issues that concern them. By sharing opinions and stories much like how Molly did, and interacting with other students, we’ve all learned more about creating change in our lives, and the world as well.


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