‘Together We Create Change’ Event

Six students from Class 87 and 76 attended an HWDSB event at Carmen’s Banquet Centre called “Together We Create Change” to showcase our model of the Liuna Station area built for the Imagine My Sustainable City project. The purpose of this event was to learn the many ways that any single person can create change. As well as presenting our contribution, we were given the opportunity to view many other schools’ contributions, including Ancaster Meadows’ “Live Life, Be Positive” and Mount Albion’s own Imagine My Sustainable City project..

However, before displaying our project, we listened to a keynote speaker, Molly Burke, who gave an inspirational speech about her eye disease, retinitis pigmentosa, which causes severe vision impairment. When she lost her vision at a young age, she experienced social isolation, as her friends quickly became her bullies. She soon went through a stage of depression. However, she found out that she was missing one thing: Hope. With this knowledge, Molly was able to find the hope she needed, and discovered that sharing your own story with others benefits both the storyteller as well as the audience, leaving the stage with an inspirational and motivational quote: “Live, Learn, Pass it on.

When visiting other displays, we were encouraged to ask questions and fill out a booklet describing what was learned and how it connects to us. We also participated in many hands-on activities such as creating origami and wooden tiles that would come together to create a single collage.

After this event, all six of us leaved the banquet hall with new knowledge of how easy it is to create change and that even the smallest of actions can produce a big change.


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