May 7 – Day 5

Mr Schaefer was absent today, so Mr Willet was substituting for him.

French – We continued practicing the dialogue for buying tickets for an art exhibition. After this, we continued working on our inquiry-based questions on an artist.

Art – We started a new painting project where we used black acrylic paint in order to make a basic outline of a painting by Group of Seven. In the first period, we were given time to experiment with this activity, and in the second period, we started and completed our good copy.

Math/Computer Lab – We were given free time in the computer lab this period.

Literacy – During our Literacy period, we played games of Kahoot, an online quiz game.

Dance – Today, we started our dance projects in groups. This will be due around mid-June. Congratulations to Sydney for giving us an inspirational dance!


LTSC forms are due tomorrow.

Bring in forms for the Oliver trip.

There is an after-school band trip on Friday at the Salvation Army Church by the Upper Gage and Stone Church intersection.


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