May 11

Today we had some students from Class 76 join us due to some Grade 7’s being on the Camp Onondaga trip.

In Literacy, in groups the class collaborated on brainstorming some success criteria for our book reports. There is a document on Google Drive shared with everyone where you will post your ideas for the success criteria. We also did some independent reading.

In Science, we worked on our WHMIS Warning Symbols worksheet. If you were done you could do a different activity or play board games.

In Music, we had a test on song #110 with up to a group of four people, in which we will be marked on our collaborative effort. We then played songs #112 and #113.

In Math, we disaggregated the 2007 Gauss Test into the different strands of math. Our marks were recorded for our score on the test, and the percent of number sense questions we answered correctly.

In French, we were marked on our À la gallerie d’art conversations with three different partners. The rest of class time was used to work on our inquiry based projects.


-ASC forms were due today! If you still haven’t handed them in, do so as soon as possible

-Contribute to the Google Drive document for book report success criteria

-Bring in ‘Oliver’ trip forms


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