May 12

In Math, we did the 2009 Gauss Test. Our papers were marked and returned to us. This mark will be recorded by The Governor.

In Gym, we ran 50m sprints for track and field.

In Literacy, we worked on culminating the criteria for the book reports into a single rubric. The rubrics below will also be applicable to our book report marks.UntitledUntitled2

We also created plans for our book reports and hung them up on the wall.

In French, we practiced our À la gallerie d’art script. We were given the rest of the period to work on our inquiry based projects on an artists of our choice.


– if you haven’t done so, hand in your ‘Oliver’ trip forms

– the 2015 Gauss test is tomorrow in periods 4 & 5

– if your ASC forms are not handed in, turn them in tomorrow, they are late

– French projects due Tuesday

– Library game due June 1st

– Book Reports due May. 25 for those not at Camp Onondaga


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