May 14

In  French, we presented our À la gallerie d’art skits. If you presented with a random partner chosen for you, you could get up to a 4+. If you presented with a partner of your choice, you could only get up to a 4. We were given the rest of the period to work on our inquiry based assignments.

In Art, we were taught about the unique style of Tom Thomson’s oil paintings. The lesson encouraged us to incorporate his art style of post-impressionism into our paintings. We then walked around the room and put constructive criticism on other students’ paintings.

In Literacy and Math, we worked on our paintings. We used the art style taught in Art class to make our paintings more like Tom Thomson’s and other Group of Seven members.

In Dance, we were shown some different styles of good dancing to think about while creating our group dance assignments. We were given a rubric outlining how we will be marked on this assignment. For the rest of class we worked on our projects outside.


 French Project due Tuesday

– ASC is approaching, study your subjects

– ‘Oliver’ trip forms should be handed in

– book reports due on May 25th

– if you do not have a book report plan up on the wall, do so as soon as possible


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