May 15

In Health, we were given our last period to complete our Health Booklets. If you are not done, complete your booklet and hand it in to our health teacher.

In Literacy, we discussed our individual book report plans and critical lens with The Governor. We were given the rest of the period to work on our book reports.

In Math, we had a ‘test’. We were to make a probability question that we solved and will present to the class.

In French, we were given the whole period to work on our inquiry based projects. They are due after the long weekend, on Tuesday.

In Library, we worked on our artist based games for the entire period. We had a supply teacher, as our regular one was away.


– Library due first week of June

– Book Reports due May 25th for those who did not attend Camp Onondaga, May 28th by those who did

– French project due Tuesday, after the long weekend


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