May 19

French – Today we started our presentations on an artist of our choosing.
Literacy – Today we continued to work on our book reports.
Math – Today we had a mini math quiz and took it up. the math homework for grade 8’s is
p. 406 and 407 # 3-14 and grade 7 p. 416 and 417 # 4-13
Music – Today we got to song #124
Science -Today we continued to practice for Let’s Talk Science on Thursday

-remember to wear red to support meat and alternatives or yellow for vegetables tomorrow

– ultimate frisbee tryouts today and tomorrow

– lunch of champions forms are due on june 8th

– LTS is on thursday make sure you get your forms in for tomorrow if you haven’t already

– book reports due on Monday the 25th for grade 8’s and thursday the 28th for those who went on the Onondaga farms field trip

– there will be a probability test tmo


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