May 26

Literacy: In Literacy today, we watched some more of the Grade 8’s book reports, and the Grade 7’s once again got an optional work period on theirs.

Science: In Science, we took up a page on                   . After that, we were given a crossword puzzle to complete.

Music: In music today, we were given free time to play and practice whichever songs we chose.

Math: In math today, we did textbook work from page 410, numbers 5-13 for the grade 8’s, and the grade 7’s did work from page 419, numbers 1-7.

French: In French today, we had a Passè Composè test.


  • There will be a test on Particle Theory, WHMIS, and states of matter for Science on next Tuesday.
  • Grade 7’s: Book reports are due on Thursday
  • Band Members: There is a trip tomorrow to Wonderland; please try to be at school by 8:30.

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