June 1

Health:  Today in health we wrote out solutions to two out of nine of the given situations. We had to talk about the potential dangers of the situation and how to make it safer. We were told to finish and hand in the work sheet by the end of the class.

Literacy: Today in literacy we conducted a probability test for a large portion of the class, and handed it in around the end of second period. When we completed the test, we were told to do certain tasks, like cleaning the dirty dishes and some other tasks. After that we presented a few book report presentations because The Governor didn’t get to see some of them. Those who haven’t done it but have to, be prepared.

Math: In math today we did some very interesting blackout poetry and ended up presenting a select few of the poems to the entire class.

French: In french today we read a story from the french textbook called “Le recycl-art”, and we answered 5 short questions about the story to show the french teacher our understanding of the text.

Library: In library today we had our art game board projects due. The teacher checked who had completed the assignment and gave out green sheets to those who didn’t have it ready. We got to play the games that were completed but only one to two games per group because we ran out of time.

Reminders: –  If you did not hand in your library project, have it complete by next library class!


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