June 3

Math: Today in the first period of math we presented our model to the science teacher and explained the nine pillars of sustainability. In third period we had an extra art period where the people who had not yet finished their landscapes had the opportunity to do so, and the people who were finished worked on the banners for Mr. Tye and Mrs. Berardo.

Gym: In gym today we played a new game. It was called kick cricket where you could kick the ball in any direction and then run to the pylon and back as many times as you can before the other team knocks down the pylon you were headed to.

Literacy: Today in literacy we had the opportunity to have Gabriel and Matthew present their presentations on unions and feminism. We also received candies.

French: In french today we took up the “Le recycl-art” questions and then we did a reading comprehension sheet on some artists.


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