June 8

French: Today in french we did a lesson on comparatif. Afterwards, we received an explanation about our new french project and then we started to work on it.

Art: Today in art we basically split into two groups. Group one worked on the banners for the two staff departures. Group two did small task for the Governor, like finding and handing out the artworks for classmates and the other grade eights who attend the Governors art classes. Group two also hunted down each and every small child who hadn’t handed in their landscapes.

Math: Today in math we did one of the book reports that was redone and afterwards we worked on our alternate endings to our novels. Then we cleaned our lockers and desks.

Literacy: Today in literacy we went to the computer lab and we were instructed to play math games.

Dance: Today in dance we danced along to several songs like: Thriller, Uptown Funk, and Ghost Busters. Then we split up into our groups for dance and worked on it for the rest of the period


–  If you haven’t brought back your forms yet, do so quickly!

–  French projects due next week, don’t procrastinate!

–  Dance projects due next week, don’t procrastinate!

–  Try to finish up your alternate endings.


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