May 27

Hey guys since our poster for this week is at the band preformance, so I’ll be doing it today.

Math – Today we did math for the first half of the day while the kids going to westmount did there thing. We also did math during Litteracy

French – Today we watched two videos and made jot notes on the artists in each video



Oliver forms and money due tommorow

Book reports tmo for those who went on the onadoga field trip


May 22

French – Today we continued to present our artist presentations. The french test has been moved from Monday to Tuesday.

Art – Today some of us finished our art and framed it with a black sheet of paper. we also got to do a hip hop dance program in our second half of art so we used our math period to finish our art.

Drama – Today we went to the computer lab to work on our book reports.

Literacy – Today we watched a video on Adam smith made by the reach ahead students.



There will be a french test on the Dr. Mrs. Vandertramp and past tense verbs we have been studying on Tuesday

May 21

LTS – the LTS people got 2nd and 3rd congratulations

Music – Today 76 got too song 52

Math – for most of the day I did math work that the governor assigned

In last period we did a school clean up

May 20

Sorry for not posting last night there was a problem.

Math – Those who did not complete the math finished it in class today, and we did some more practice for LTS tomorrow.

Gym – Today we went outside and played kick baseball.

Literacy – we continued to work on our book reports due on Monday for grade 8’s and wednesday for 7’s.

French – We continued to present our french presentations, remember to get them in asap if you haven’t already.



-LTS is tomorrow so remember get your sCience faces on and remember don’t mess up! GO WOLVERINES! 😀

– Those not going to LTS remember to bring gym clothes

May 19

French – Today we started our presentations on an artist of our choosing.
Literacy – Today we continued to work on our book reports.
Math – Today we had a mini math quiz and took it up. the math homework for grade 8’s is
p. 406 and 407 # 3-14 and grade 7 p. 416 and 417 # 4-13
Music – Today we got to song #124
Science -Today we continued to practice for Let’s Talk Science on Thursday

-remember to wear red to support meat and alternatives or yellow for vegetables tomorrow

– ultimate frisbee tryouts today and tomorrow

– lunch of champions forms are due on june 8th

– LTS is on thursday make sure you get your forms in for tomorrow if you haven’t already

– book reports due on Monday the 25th for grade 8’s and thursday the 28th for those who went on the Onondaga farms field trip

– there will be a probability test tmo