Success Criteria for Transmission Tower Presentations

Success Criteria:


  • Consistent visual theme
  • Visuals are dynamic not static
  • Visuals relating to the problem
  • Interesting, engaging and legible


  • Audible voice over
  • Audio synced


  • Formula, Substitution, and Calculation
  • Use pythagorean theorem
  • Correct information
  • Organized
  • Only most important text; highlights
  • All steps; show your work
  • Titles, labels, and headings

Due Date: Monday

Early Due Date: Tomorrow


Process of Film Making

We discussed what successful Film-Making should look like in class today. We came up with something called a Shot Sequence, or Editing Sequence. These sequences have three different types of shots:

  1. Establishing Shot

This shot introduces the setting.

2.  Medium Shot

This shot introduces the characters and their interactions.

3. Close-up Shot

This shot shows the faces and emotions of the characters.

PowerPoint Conventions

In class, we discussed what a successful PowerPoint should look like. Here is what we came up with:

Engaging Visuals

  • transitions
  • relevant, varied, interesting
  • animation and dynamics
  • content is not overshadowed by effects


  • large, legible font
  • contrast against background color
  • font system (headings, subheadings)


  • clear audible voice
  • inflection, eye contact
  • work from script or outline