Weekly Overview

Monday, January 19

  • found literary devices and compared ‘One Great City’ and ‘It’s Different Now’
  • worked on science projects
  • played songs 56 to 64
  • sevens: #5 on page 100 and #10 and #11 on page 101
  • eights: #4 and #5 on page 115
  • worked on French projects

Tuesday, January 20

  • assigned and worked on math project
  • played basketball
  • discussed poem ‘Hospital Vespers’
  • worked on French projects

Wednesday, January 21

  • science worksheets and projects
  • free day/basketball
  • homeroom/organization period
  • answering ‘The Circle Game’ questions and identifying literary devices
  • continued working on data management projects

Thursday, January 22

  • continued working on French projects (due in early February)
  • wrote art history tests
  • continued ‘geometric shapes’ art
  • computer lab- finished ‘The Circle Game’ or continued math projects
  • continued working on math projects

Week in Review (Jan. 12-16)

January 12

  • presented and discussed definitions of literary devices
  • worked on organ system project
  • played number 56-59 in Music
  • worked on page 92-95 #1-9 (8’s)/ page 84 #5-19 (7’s).
  • studied selling for travel vocabulary in French

January 13

  • discussed music industry and spectrum’s
  • practiced basketball shooting skills
  • worked on page 92-95 #1-9 (8’s)/ took up work
  • presented and discussed definitions of literary devices
  • worked on French project

January 14

  • worked on organ system project
  • played a game of basketball
  • finished hearing test and took it up
  • did quiz on literary devices and typed up definitions
  • took up work and started page 103 #1 (8’s)/ continued taking up work (7’s)

January 15

  • continued working on French project
  • discussed upcoming Canadian art history test and started new project
  • made a histograms (8’s)/circle graphs (7’s) using a computer
  • acted out different machines and objects
  • discussed poem ‘Hospital Vespers’

January 16

  • came up with ways to promote healthy eating (8’s)/ came up with five different ways to change the appearance of your body and it’s pros and cons (7’s)
  • discussed poem ‘One Great City’
  • did page 115 #1 (8’s)/ page 110 #5 (7’s)
  • worked on french project
  • presentation on a social justice issue

Weekly Overview (Jan. 5-9)

January 5 (Day 2)

  • read and did activities in Building English Skills books
  • matched major organs and functions with eleven organ systems
  • played songs #42-54 in Music
  • made a note on central tendency, and measured our hands for a central tendency activity
  • brainstormed French words in a travel them

January 6 (Day 3)

  • continued doing activities with mean, median, and mode and collected data individually to present
  • started basketball unit and practiced shooting baskets
  • learned about compound words, blends, and acronyms
  • finished and presented travel vocabulary

January 7 (Day 4)

  • got into groups to work on a presentation about an organ system
  • continued shooting basketballs
  • did hearing exercises in Music
  • read article and watched video about oil crisis, then discussed capitalism, value of the Canadian dollar, and stock prices.

January 8 (Day 5)

  • received sheet on travel vocabulary, then practiced scripts
  • answered questions in “Canadian Art” books
  • discussed positive spaces in schools
  • played an alphabetical improv game
  • made pie charts

January 9 (Day 1)

  • continued working on meal comparison posters
  • had a literary device competition, and then talked about disability vs exceptionality
  • worked independently on questions in textbook
  • watched Despicable Me and wrote words we knew
  • had a last period to work on Social Justice Projects

Weekly Overview (Dec. 8-12)

December 8 

  • Westview went to Westmount to see “High School Musical”
  • filled out critique sheet about it
  • played the “Word Game” and drama games with Ms. Ward

December 9

  • watched a video and made a note about the expressions and equations in Math
  • continued our badminton tournaments
  • practiced using the Grammar of Solving Expressions and the Grammar of the Balance Model
  • learned about comma usage and grouped animals in a t-chart in Literacy
  • finished our healthy meal posters in French

December 10

  • learned about cell division and regeneration in Science
  • continued badminton tournament
  • played one out of four holiday songs in Music as a test
  • did some silent reading, then did a worksheet on run-on sentences in Literacy, then worked on Chapter 16 answers
  • took up some questions from the 2001 Gauss test, then played the “Word Game”

December 11

  • Social Justice trip
  • watched Despicable Me in French
  • continued Zentangle art
  • watched an Arts assembly from Sir Allan MacNab high school
  • had a free work period in Literacy
  • acted out a character trait in Drama

December 12

  • 8s compared two meals on a poster, while 7s learned about abuse and mental illness in Health
  • either finished Chapter 16, or started working on Section 1 in Literacy
  • made a note on Algebra, and figured out an algebraic expression for a pattern
  • took a note on Past Participles and DR MRS VANDERTRAMP, then started making a presentation
  • worked on Social Justice projects

Week Overview (Dec.1-5)

December 1 (Monday, Day 2):

  • worked on creating a document with all the question from Building English Skills Green Level
  • did cellular respiration quiz
  • created what we thought were the expenses and revenues for the Ottawa trip into a graph and t-chart
  • presented our Au Supermarché skits

December 2 (Tuesday, Day 3):

  • made the revenues and expenses for the Ottawa trip if there were more than 48 students
  • finished our Round-Robin Tournament for badminton
  • did jot notes for pages 283-284 and 296 in the Building English Skills book
  • continued working on the categorizing-food sheet

December 3 (Wednesday, Day 4):

  • took up the cellular respiration sheet
  • started a double-elimination badminton tournament
  • started making jot notes for Fiction in the Green Level book
  • did the Gauss 2001 test

December 4 (Thursday, Day 5):

  • finished the food sheet and started a new healthy meal project
  • continued working on the zentangle art and learning about paisleys
  • made jot notes for part 4 of the Building English Skills book
  • took up the Gauss 2001 test

December 5 (Friday, Day 1):

  • started a new project about comparing meals from different restaurants
  • typed up good copies for all of Chapter 16 of the Green Level English Skills book
  •  categorized the questions from the Gauss 2001 test into Number Sense, Measurement and Algebra
  • worked on the healthy meal project making 3 meals and 2 snacks
  • worked on Social Justice projects

Week Overview (Nov. 24 – 28)

November 24 (Monday, Day 2):

  • read from a literacy textbook and took notes about oral traditions
  • had a class discussion about the cell membrane and particle theory
  • worked on questions from the Nelson math textbook (pg. 147 – Gr. 8s, pg. ____* – Gr. 7s)
  • worked on the “Au Supermarché” scripts

November 25 (Tuesday, Day 3):

  • took up math work from the previous week, which was pg. 280 – 281, #4 – 17 (Gr. 7)
  • continued the badminton tournament
  • continued reading from a literacy textbook and took notes about poetry
  • worked on the “Au Supermarché” scripts

November 26 (Wednesday, Day 4):

  • came up with a list of diffusion in everyday life
  • continued the badminton tournament
  • watched various music videos and answered questions about them
  • made better answers for the questions from the literacy textbook about oral traditions and poetry
  • came up with an expression to find the estimated cost of the Ottawa trip, with a variable being the number of students that attend the trip

November 27 (Thursday, Day 5):

  • worked on the “Au Supermarché” scripts
  • started an art project where there are circles on a page that will be filled with various zentangle patterns
  • listed questions about well-known fictional characters and answered them after “becoming” the character
  • did a worksheet on translating math expressions

November 28 (Friday, Day 1):

  • went to Dundas Valley Conservation Area


We will be going to to Westmount to watch the their production of Disney’s “High School Musical” on December 8th. If you have not yet brought in your forms and/or money, please bring them in ASAP.

We will be presenting our “Au Supermarché” skits on Monday.

Weekly Overview (Nov. 17-21)

November 17 (Mon.)

  • collaborated with group members to solve a multi-step problem
  • started badminton
  • worked on word art
  • started ‘Au Supermarche’

November 18 (Tues.)

  • had a science test on Chapter 1
  • started the badminton tournament
  • played Jingle Bells, Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Dreidel Song
  • finished solving the meatball problem
  • recieved our progress reports and created a goal statement

November 19 (Wed.)

  • continued working on ‘Au Supermarche’
  • discussed Retro Art Stripes
  • continued our word art
  • wrote up our meatball problems
  • read lines of poetry

November 20 (Thurs.)

  • grade 7’s worked on internet safety sheet
  • grade 8’s worked on ‘What’s For Lunch’ sheet
  • wrote responses to ‘Which story does not belong?’
  • discussed what poetry was
  • worked on math given the previous day, then continued on to the next page
  • watched the movie Shrek in French and wrote down words we recognized
  • worked on our Social Justice projects

November 21 (Fri.)

  • PA Day, no school