March 31

In French, the last group presented their animal project. We then read a story, and answered five questions on it.

In Art, we finished our fingerprint line projects.

In Literacy, we received our revised responses, and then watched a video about climate change.

In Drama/Dance, we made raps in groups, and presented them.


  • Stomp videos are due tomorrow
  • Pizza will be on sale tomorrow
  • Autism Day bracelets are on sale tomorrow for 2$
  • For those who got them, Book orders due Thursday

March 30

In Science, we wrote our lab plans for separating mixtures.

In Gym, we played three cooperative games.

In Music, we played to song 88 in the music book.

In Math, both grades were given a test.

In Geography, we went to the computer lab, and the Grade 7s worked on the work from The Hub, and the Grade 8s got into our groups and quizzed each other.

In Literacy, we watched two videos on climate change


  • Stomp videos are due Wednesday

March 27

In Math, the grade 7’s did page 238 #7-15, while the grade 8’s did page 238 Method 1 questions A-H and #1-4 on page 239. If you have not yet finished the assigned work, please complete it as soon as possible.

In Phys. Ed, we played cooperative games with pool noodles, octopus/birthday and had free time at the end.

In Geography, the Grade 8’s took notes on pages 10-15 and then answered questions 2 and 3 on page 12 and questions 1, 2 and 4 on page 16. While this, the 7’s learned about volcanoes and its effect on land. If you have not finished this work, please hand it in at home.

In French, we presented the last three Animal Presentations. Then we listened to the story “How The Bear Lost Its Tail” in French.


-If you have not already done so, please hand in your Geography assignment into the dropbox on the Hub.

-Complete the Math you were given today, if you have not yet finished.

March 26

In Geography, the Grade 8’s started making jot notes on Site and Situations  for settlements while the Governor looked at our three sketches and Google maps house view from yesterday. After, the 7’s were given three questions on the hub and the 8’s got three as well. If you have not submitted your answers from the drop-box, they are due tomorrow.

In Science, we started our lab for solving how to remove materials from a flask. This included heating the flask to evaporate or filtering the liquids. We will continue these next Tuesday so finish your plan beforehand.

In Music, we started to film our stomp videos. By next Wednesday, they should be edited and handed in.

In Math, we did a Reflection and Rotation quiz.

In French, we presented three more Animal Presentations. Next class we will finish watching Finding Nemo. Remember to make columns for the words.


-For anyone who hasn’t presented their French Presentations, get ready.

-There is Geography homework for both grades on the Hub. Post your answers on the board’s Google Account in the drop-box.

-Pizza will be sold and handed out. It will be $2 each on Fridays.

-The Reflections and Rotations test is due tomorrow

March 25

In Health this morning, both grades continued on their Growth and Development booklets.

In Literacy, we got into groups to work on our Settlement Patterns assignment, which is on the Hub. It will be due tomorrow, and please note that you do not need to submit your pictures into the dropbox, only your answers are required. Also, please use your school board Google account to submit files.

In Math, we had a lesson on rotations and reflections. If you are not finished the 4 rotations, 2 reflections, and listing the coordinates, it is due tomorrow. For grade 8s, page 232 #4, 5, 6 is also homework.

In French, some groups presented their Animal Presentations.

In Library, we got into our groups to work on our Art History Board Games.


Page 232 #4, 5, 6 for grade 8s is homework, due tomorrow.

The Settlement Pattern assignment on the Hub is due tomorrow (see Literacy for details).