Shape Poem versus Word Art Notes

Research the conventions of Shape Poems (sometimes called Concrete poetry).  Make study notes.

Research the conventions of Word Art.  Make study notes in order to compare/contrast.

NOTE: I had scheduled this post to appear around noon today so that we could use it during our computer lab period.  However, I thought that our computer lab time would be better spent discussing your progress reports, IEPs, and the new goals you’re creating for the remainder of the term.


Word Art

In this assignment, you’ll have a chance to create a work of art that incorporates your knowledge of Canadian History.

Use a piece of drawing paper to create a word-art image depicting a theme from Canadian History.  You’ll have class time on November 14th and November 17th.

Once you’ve selected a theme, do some word-storming on a piece of scrap paper.  Your words should be relevant to the theme you selected.  Broad themes like place names and people are permissible.  I encourage you to find a way to incorporate a degree of sophistication so that your visual subject and the words you use to create the image have an intricate thematic connection.  In the hope of leaving things more open-ended, I’ll leave it at that.  Google “word art” to find examples.

Learning Goal: I will integrate visual arts into my understanding of a theme in Canadian History.

Success Criteria: My word art will be drawn on fine paper using a range of media including pencil and/or drawing pens.  It will visually depict a theme from Canadian History and will be comprised of a wide range of words specifically relevant to my theme.  It will be completed during class time.