December 19

In first period, we went to homeroom to get instructions on what to do before the talent show. At around 9:15 band, glee and talent show members were asked to go to the music rooms to get ready.

When we started the talent show we had an amazing variety of talents. Congratulations to everyone who presented. At the end, the band went to the stage to present three songs, Jingle Bells, Jolly Old St, Nicolas and Happy.

After lunch, we had a period to relax and cool down. The Grade 8’s gave their gifts for Secret Santa.

Afterwards, the dance begun and the computer lab opened. Everyone went to their designated place and had fun.

Since today is the last day of school, on my behalf from the Class 87 Website I wish you a Happy Holiday!


December 18

In French, we presented our projects. Congratulations to everyone who presented. Next time, we should try to put more effort into them.

In Art, we finished our zentangle art which the Governor marked. They will be displayed outside our classroom.

In Literacy we went to the computer lab to work on the presentations we started yesterday. Some groups practiced while some groups worked on their script.

In Drama, we got a last time to practice and rehearse our Literacy projects before next period.

In the second period of Literacy, we presented our projects to the class. Congratulations to all the groups who presented. The good thing about these projects is that each one was unique and different than the others. We had a game show, a story, a song and a PowerPoint.

Reminders/Other Tomorrow will be the talent show and dance. Band members must ring down their instruments at 9:15. The talent show will begin soon after. After break, that’s when the dance and computer lab will be open.

December 17

In Science, we read from our textbooks and learned about the different systems in our bodies. Next year, we will do a project about one of the systems in a maximum group of three.

In Gym, we had another day to get active but without any badminton. At the end of class, we played dodge ball.

In Music, the people who were in the talent show practiced their performance and presented in class. The other people worked on the songs from our music books.

In Literacy, we spent a lot of time only working on a new project. We were assigned to get in groups of 5, read a story from a textbook and transcribe the story into a presentation. The presentation must be under 10 minutes and will be due in literacy tomorrow.


Talent show and Band performances will be on Friday.

There will be a band practice tomorrow at recess.


December 16

In the first period of Math, the Grade 8s started the Grade 9 reach-ahead test. We were given 1 hour to finish it. The Grade 7s worked with the Governor on the grammar of Algebra.

In Gym, we had a free day to do anything our physical literacy. Most of us played badminton.

In the second period of Math, the Grade 8s worked on continuing the test while the Grade 7s answered questions on the smart-board for solving algebraic expressions.

In Literacy, we watched the movie Frozen.

In French we worked on our scripts for our skits. We will presenting them on Thursday so be sure to practice.


Finish your French script for Thursday

Bring your money and canned goods for the Dance

There will be talent show practice tomorrow

December 15

Today, we went to Redeemer for the Gifted Go conference. When we arrived we went split into 8 groups with students from other schools. Then, we worked on a presentation with our group about problems we might have in Hamilton. The groups that made the best presentation with the most votes would go to City Hall and present there subject.

After lunch we presented our projects to everyone else. Congratulations to all the groups who presented.The winners will be informed on another day.

When we came back to school, we worked on our scripts for our French projects which we have another period to work on.


The talent show and dance will both be on Friday. Remember to practice and bring your money.

Weekly Overview (Dec. 8-12)

December 8 

  • Westview went to Westmount to see “High School Musical”
  • filled out critique sheet about it
  • played the “Word Game” and drama games with Ms. Ward

December 9

  • watched a video and made a note about the expressions and equations in Math
  • continued our badminton tournaments
  • practiced using the Grammar of Solving Expressions and the Grammar of the Balance Model
  • learned about comma usage and grouped animals in a t-chart in Literacy
  • finished our healthy meal posters in French

December 10

  • learned about cell division and regeneration in Science
  • continued badminton tournament
  • played one out of four holiday songs in Music as a test
  • did some silent reading, then did a worksheet on run-on sentences in Literacy, then worked on Chapter 16 answers
  • took up some questions from the 2001 Gauss test, then played the “Word Game”

December 11

  • Social Justice trip
  • watched Despicable Me in French
  • continued Zentangle art
  • watched an Arts assembly from Sir Allan MacNab high school
  • had a free work period in Literacy
  • acted out a character trait in Drama

December 12

  • 8s compared two meals on a poster, while 7s learned about abuse and mental illness in Health
  • either finished Chapter 16, or started working on Section 1 in Literacy
  • made a note on Algebra, and figured out an algebraic expression for a pattern
  • took a note on Past Participles and DR MRS VANDERTRAMP, then started making a presentation
  • worked on Social Justice projects

December 12

Today in Health, the Grade 8s continued on their posters that compare two meals from fast food restaurants, which will be due on the class after the next. The 7s learned about substance abuse and mental illnesses.

In our double Literacy period, we had Mr. Penney as our substitute teacher. Those who hadn’t completed their work continued the full answers and vocabulary for Chapter 16, and the people for were finished started doing Section 1.

In Math, (Mr. Schaefer had returned) we did a note on Algebra. We were given a pattern and had to find the pattern rule, create algebraic expressions, and find the 51st figure in the sequence.

Later in French class, we all took notes on Past Participles and DR MRS VANDERTRAMP (être verbs). Then, we started planning a presentation with groups of a maximum of four people to show what we learned. Try to finish this on Tuesday.

Lastly, in Library, we worked on our Social Justice projects, which will be due in the second Library class of January. Remember to make it entertaining and informative. Also, don’t forget to make a proper bibliography and point-form notes.


We will be going to Redeemer University on Monday, for those who didn’t bring in their forms, please have them ready Monday morning!

For those people in the talent show who are worried about missing the practice on Monday, don’t worry, Mr. Willet has been informed of our absence.