June 8

French: Today in french we did a lesson on comparatif. Afterwards, we received an explanation about our new french project and then we started to work on it.

Art: Today in art we basically split into two groups. Group one worked on the banners for the two staff departures. Group two did small task for the Governor, like finding and handing out the artworks for classmates and the other grade eights who attend the Governors art classes. Group two also hunted down each and every small child who hadn’t handed in their landscapes.

Math: Today in math we did one of the book reports that was redone and afterwards we worked on our alternate endings to our novels. Then we cleaned our lockers and desks.

Literacy: Today in literacy we went to the computer lab and we were instructed to play math games.

Dance: Today in dance we danced along to several songs like: Thriller, Uptown Funk, and Ghost Busters. Then we split up into our groups for dance and worked on it for the rest of the period


–  If you haven’t brought back your forms yet, do so quickly!

–  French projects due next week, don’t procrastinate!

–  Dance projects due next week, don’t procrastinate!

–  Try to finish up your alternate endings.


June 4

Science: Today in science, we received our science tests back and some people individually  discussed the answers, results and mistakes that people made.

Gym: Today in gym we voted on what game to play, ultimate frisbee was the winner of the vote. Then we went outside and split into teams. For the rest of the period we enjoyed playing ultimate frisbee.

Music: Today in music we played instruments and got to #136 but then we stopped playing and practiced our ‘secret’ project for the rest of the period.

Literacy: Today in literacy we presented some more book reports and then we did some things related to art. What we did was put our portraits on the black backgrounds and the people who had already done so painted and worked on the banners.

Math: Today in math we went outside and were given the opportunity to have free time with the sports equipment.


–  No school on Friday!

–  Hand in the forms to go to limeridge mall and present our model ASAP.

June 3

Math: Today in the first period of math we presented our model to the science teacher and explained the nine pillars of sustainability. In third period we had an extra art period where the people who had not yet finished their landscapes had the opportunity to do so, and the people who were finished worked on the banners for Mr. Tye and Mrs. Berardo.

Gym: In gym today we played a new game. It was called kick cricket where you could kick the ball in any direction and then run to the pylon and back as many times as you can before the other team knocks down the pylon you were headed to.

Literacy: Today in literacy we had the opportunity to have Gabriel and Matthew present their presentations on unions and feminism. We also received candies.

French: In french today we took up the “Le recycl-art” questions and then we did a reading comprehension sheet on some artists.

June 2

Literacy: Today in literacy we had a double period. We had a talk with our grade 7s and some of the other gifted class’s 7s about their video projects and the progress they made on it so far. Afterwards we presented almost all of the remaining book reports that

Science: Today in science we conducted the science test on the WHMIS symbols and mixtures. After the tests were done a lot of people were just playing around with motors and other small electrical circuit parts.

Music: Today in music we practiced for the first 20-30 minutes and then for the rest of the class we worked on a ‘secret’ little project.

Math: Today in math we presented the remaining book reports and the Governor gave the presenters some feedback.

French: In french today there was a supply teacher so we did a worksheet on recycling.

June 1

Health:  Today in health we wrote out solutions to two out of nine of the given situations. We had to talk about the potential dangers of the situation and how to make it safer. We were told to finish and hand in the work sheet by the end of the class.

Literacy: Today in literacy we conducted a probability test for a large portion of the class, and handed it in around the end of second period. When we completed the test, we were told to do certain tasks, like cleaning the dirty dishes and some other tasks. After that we presented a few book report presentations because The Governor didn’t get to see some of them. Those who haven’t done it but have to, be prepared.

Math: In math today we did some very interesting blackout poetry and ended up presenting a select few of the poems to the entire class.

French: In french today we read a story from the french textbook called “Le recycl-art”, and we answered 5 short questions about the story to show the french teacher our understanding of the text.

Library: In library today we had our art game board projects due. The teacher checked who had completed the assignment and gave out green sheets to those who didn’t have it ready. We got to play the games that were completed but only one to two games per group because we ran out of time.

Reminders: –  If you did not hand in your library project, have it complete by next library class!

May 29

Today we went on a school trip to Oliver, a musical at McNab, where we were given a sheet to fill out about the performance. When we returned from the trip, we were given a free period to fill out the sheet we were given, if we hadn’t finished already.


  • The library game boards are due next week.
  • There is going to be a science test on Tuesday.

May 27

Hey guys since our poster for this week is at the band preformance, so I’ll be doing it today.

Math – Today we did math for the first half of the day while the kids going to westmount did there thing. We also did math during Litteracy

French – Today we watched two videos and made jot notes on the artists in each video



Oliver forms and money due tommorow

Book reports tmo for those who went on the onadoga field trip