Geometry Set

All students in class 87 should bring a geometry set to school with them every day starting on Monday.  At the very least, you need to have a reliable compass for drawing accurate circles.  Avoid the really flimsy type that open or close easily.  You want one that can plant itself firmly into the paper and hold its shape while you draw a circle.


January 29

Science – In science we continued to work on our Organ System projects, they are due on Feb. 3.

Phys. Ed. – In Phys. Ed. we played another territorial game called Suckerball.

Music – In music we had two songs played for us, and we had to write a story, or what ever came to mind.

Literacy – In literacy we continued to present our Math Projects. They were supposed to be presented  yesterday but there weren’t enough time.


Remember to get your math presentations ready tomorrow!

Don’t procrastinate and remember to do your Organ System Projects early!

January 28

Math – In math we presented the presentations that we worked on in the past week. We will continue presenting next class.

Phys. Ed. – In gym we played handball.

Math – In math we continue presenting the Canadian Survey Presentations.

Literacy – In literacy we talked about some articles about the LRT and the Snowstorm in North-East U.S. we talked about how the newspaper companies make money by putting the most important articles “Above the Fold”. 

French – In french we presented our Oral Communication marks by presenting in front of the class


Remember to get your math presentations ready tomorrow!

January 27

Literacy – In literacy we presented our presentations of poetic devices that we worked on yesterday, every group presented.

Science – In science we continued to work on our Science Organ System project, the project is due on Feb. 3rd

Music – In music we played songs 65, 67, and 68. Let’s try to catch up to Class 84!

Math – In Math we continued to work on our Survey Math Project. It is due tomorrow! Remember to bring your USB drive/device/poster to present.

French – In french we continued to work on our Francophone Project it is due mid February.

Reminders/Other – Remember to bring your presentation tomorrow.

Work on the Science Organ Project (Don’t procrastinate!)

January 26

Health – In health, we got our healthy eating posters back and the grade 8s talked and reviewed the symptoms and how to cope with stress.

Literacy – In these two periods we looked over the newspaper and talked about several articles. Later, we started a chart to list some poetry devices.

Math – In math we continued to work on our Math Survey Project, it is due on Wednesday.

French – In french we continued to work on our francophone project it is due mid February.

Literacy – In Literacy we presented our Social Justice presentations. Remember next week to set up projector (if you need it) couple periods before you present.

Reminders/Other – Math Survey Project is due on Wednesday

Science project is due on Tuesday, February 3rd.